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Our trust company is accredited by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority. We are also a member of Expert Suisse, the Swiss Chamber of Public Accountants, which ensures high quality audits in accordance with the rules of professional conduct.

We provide our internal audit services to banks and financial institutions as well as in the public and industrial sectors.

Our services:

  • Statutory Audits conducted in accordance with Swiss law, ordinary and limited audits
  • Audit of consolidated accounts
  • Audits conducted in accordance with the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Implementation of the accounting standards (IAS/IFRS)
  • Review and implementation of the Internal Control System (ICS)
  • Research, analyses, assessments and reviews at the request of the Court
  • Audits for the purpose of identifying tax and other risk factors

An assessment adapted to each situation enables us to identify the inherent risks in your operations and develop an effective audit strategy to ensure the quality of your financial statements by providing recommendations on your organisational and financial processes.

Audit – financial services

Our services:

  • External audit of asset managers and financial intermediaries.
  • Internal audit for banks and securities dealers
  • External quality assessment of the internal audit (EQA)
  • Anti-money laundering audit (AMLA)
  • Expert opinion


Our team provides advice which is tailored to your circumstances in order to optimise the effectiveness of your tax planning in a national and international context.

With our wealth of combined French and Swiss expertise, we provide targeted and tailored solutions to international businesses. We can provide a professional advice on developing a comprehensive strategy without increasing the number of stakeholders.

We advise our individual and business clients on analysing their tax records.

  • Income tax and wealth tax
  • Corporation tax and capital tax
  • Capital gains tax and land tax
  • Transfer tax
  • Tax treatment of donations and successions
  • VAT
  • Withholding tax

Tax and financial advice

  • Creation, liquidation, conversion and merger of legal structures
  • Business valuation
  • Company domiciliation and provision of managers
  • Transfer of private and business assets
  • Tax litigation
  • Succession planning
  • Year-end tax optimisation strategy
  • Domiciliation of physical persons
  • Inter-cantonal and international tax allocation
  • Expertise and financial planning


Our team is happy to offer you accounting services. Each mandate is adjusted to your business in accordance with your requirements. We are able to work on site and use all the standard accounting software.

Our services:

  • General, subsidiary and securities accounting
  • Preparation of reports based on your needs
  • Preparation of financial and consolidated statements in accordance with Swiss and/or international accounting standards (IFRS)
  • VAT declaration
  • Supplier invoice processing and debtor monitoring
  • Our chartered accountants will assist you with the development of a cost accounting system based on a consideration of the performance measurement tools required by your company

Payroll management

We can manage your company’s entire payroll process, taking the specifics of collective agreements of each sector and the relevant legislation into consideration.

Our services:

  • Preparation of employment contracts (legal advice, employment law)
  • Implementation of administrative procedures relating to affiliation to the OASI, LOB, sickness, accident insurance schemes, withholding tax, etc
  • Payroll management
  • Entire personnel management
  • Preparation of monthly payslips and annual pay statements
  • Advice on withholding tax issues and social security law
  • Communication with the social insurance schemes and the authorities
  • End of financial year payroll providing to the relevant authorities
  • Compliance with the social security and tax regulations
  • Payroll accounting of the company

Company creation

Russell Bedford Fiduciaire Genève SA can assist to set up and register a company and will provide you with essential information and advice in the launch phase. We will assist you in the preliminary stages of your project.

  • Choice of legal form
  • Commercial Registration
  • Preparation of the business plan
  • Insurance underwriting for the company and the staff
  • Bookkeeping

Family office

Russell Bedford Fiduciaire Genève SA offers you an advisory service which is totally modular and is adjustable to your specific requirements and supports management of your assets.

  • Integrated investment approach
  • Independent choice
  • Strategy in line with your expectations
  • Risk management
  • Monitoring
  • Investment opportunities
  • Cost control
  • Clear picture of your overall asset position
  • Assistance with choosing the right bank and monitoring relationships with the bank
  • Assistance with administrative department relationships
  • Assistance with daily administrative tasks


Whether you are a company in the private or public sector or a contractor, our experts will advise you on all aspects of your optimisation potential.

Financial services

  • Advice and regulatory assistance in the area of banking law and financial markets
  • Advice and assistance with organisation and corporate governance
  • Advice and outsourcing of compliance and risk management
  • Support and assistance with obtaining authorisation for the asset managers and banks
  • Coaching and training

Corporate director

  • Appointment of the Board of Directors
  • Work on the implementation, monitoring and application of the governance codes
  • Administrative management and supervision of management mandates
  • Analysis of the risk inherent in the managed companies
  • Technical monitoring and advice on legal, tax, accounting and corporate governance issues


  • Analysis and strategic choice approach
  • Coordination and attendance of committee meetings
  • Implementation of governance tools


  • Analysis and optimisation of the management of industrial, financial and real estate assets
  • Transfer of the family businesses
  • Management and administration of family businesses
  • Succession optimisation
VIP business center

VIP Business center

Meeting venue in central Geneva.

We offer you the opportunity of renting a conference room in the city centre in the immediate vicinity of the train station and Lake Geneva. Take advantage of our VIP area for presentations, meetings with clients and training sessions on behalf of your company. The meeting room is fully equipped and provides all the amenities for a successful meeting.

Please contact us to make enquires or an appointment. We are happy to show you our premises.